readxl 1.0.0

I’m pleased to announce that readxl 1.0.0 is available on CRAN. readxl makes it easy to bring tabular data out of Excel and into R, for modern .xlsx files and the legacy .xls format.

Emails from R

There are a few packages for sending email directly from R, but I work in a place where none of these work due to strict network settings. To at least partially circumvent this, here’s some code to produce a PowerShell script to send email(s) via Outlook.

Monroe Capital Is Ripe For A Valuation Re-Rating

Since its IPO on October 25, 2013, MRCC has outperformed BDCS by over 8% cumulative while yielding, on average, higher than the BDC universe. Outstanding balance sheet that will provide protection during a downturn, while benefiting from rising rates, as 97% of loans are floating.